Additional Questions?

We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding any of our programs. Specificity is best discussed in person. We would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and answer any questions or offer any insight into what we offer for you specifically. Feel free to contact us HERE . If you prefer to call us our phone number is (317) 376 - 2533. We look forward to assisting you with an exciting and resolute fitness journey!

Free Trial Session

The best way to get to know us and how our philosophy towards fitness improvement may apply to you, is through an initial consultation followed by a free trial session! Schedule one HERE. These appointments require a 90 minute time frame. 45 minutes for consultation meeting & 45 minutes for trial workout session.




     Welcome to INDY FITNESS CAMP -  Thank you for allowing us to answer any questions you may have regarding the most important asset you will ever possess  your whole life, YOUR HEALTH! We are Personal Fitness/Body and Athletic development coordinators providing researched methods of exercise for you that  enable individuals to reach specific personalized goals and obtain the lifestyle you wish to experience through out the rest of your life. The future always begins new TODAY! How will you embrace that opportunity? Will you seek a lifelong journey of enlightenment, self - actualization, and personal empowerment, through an enhanced physical and mental fitness practice, or will you allow more time to slip away from your chance to control destiny and manage fate?


     We are positioned for assisting proactively with your journey into a more physically balanced lifestyle with a greater fulfillment of your objectives. Be it those objectives are performance related, or vanity related we want to help you achieve higher personal levels. Should you decide  that you want to feel better, move better, look better, or perform better we will design a  program specific in nature to your desired outcomes.



Our Services


     Our results oriented program designs are based on years of educational and personal experience. We work with a variety of clients assisting all to achieve their personal goals. We work together with our clients educating, motivating, and training every specific client with effective protocols and methodology for their objective functional goals, specific individual health needs, or personal enhancement desires, physically.


     All of our relationships begin with an initial interview, we then provide a free introductory session with one of our trainers in order to establish some base line testing, observations, and dialogue to create a program design with acurate specificity in outlining your path. Your results will depend on your intensity level, your prior experience with fitness training, your nutritional habits, and your commitment to follow a program. We will assist you every step of the way through this process to ensure that you are adapting well on the path we lay out together. Some bodies respond different to the same exercises, and others are more or less responsive. We work with you to determine what you like to do, and what is most beneficial for you to do, thereby generating maximum results, in order to accomplish your specific goals.


     We work with:


  • Young people aged 10 - 17 looking to improve their fitness levels, body image, or athletic performance capacity.
  • Adult Women aged 18 - 50 looking to improve basic fundamental fitness levels, alter or maintain a certain body image, self - esteem modification, functional movement, or those who wish to undertake a higher intensity athletic training routine for peak levels of personal fitness desire - Athletic or Cosmetic.
  • We have a saying here at Indy Fitness Camp: WHY NOT - LOOK HOT!
  • Men and Women from the ages of 50 - 65 that just want to feel better, look better, or function better for their everyday quality of life.

Individual training is by appointment - Sessions last 55 minutes


Adult Group Classes by Schedule


Small Group Personal Training by Appointment (4) people


Private Team Training Available for Yoga, or Speed & Agility




All About Joy

     Joy Jekel Brings her unique experiences with Eastern and Western fitness cultures together incorporating a style of Sport Yoga Instruction that will increase  ability for any sports specific athlete. Joy focuses on a combination of Asanas (poses), and a flow designed to stimulate balance, strength, flexibility, and stamina. As Both a practitioner, and instructor of exercise Yoga, Joy understands fully the exchange of Qi (energy) that takes place in our body - for improvements with Cardiovascular Elements, an Expansion of Oxygen Capacity and Recovery, as well as a Limitless Practice of Incorporating Individualized Power, and the Dynamic Flexibility that comes from a vigilant and inspired Yoga training method.


     Joy is an experienced self - defense awareness expert, instructing Women in high intensity fitness routines that incorporate a blend of powerful movements with the inner strength of ones own ability to harness power and direct the flow of such power.


     Joy understands how power is generated throughout the body physically and metaphysically to strengthen any individual on their specific fitness journey.


     Area of Practice - Male and Female Youth clientele (Age 10 - 17) looking to enhance basic fitness levels, or that are looking to improve significantly their athletic performance capability. Women of all ages and fitness levels looking to find empowerment intrinsically and extrinsically by enhancing their physical fitness - wholly. Joy often times works with clients to find a balance in their own quality of life goals, by removing limitations of movement and inhibitions, through moderate or vigorous personalized exercise.

All About Joe

     Joe Jekel, B.A. Psychology, CPT -A.C.E. , certified as an instructor in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Krav Maga, Boxing and as a Speed & Agiligty specialist - Certified by the largest and most respected fitness industry certification organization, The American Council on Exercise and holding multiple instructor level certifications as well as a bachelors degree in psychology. Joe started training Women in learning how to fight and defend themselves in the late 1990's, Joe has an extensive knowledge of street combat and a deep personal experience with various martial disciplines. Incorporating fighting knowledge into fitness practices for women is a specialty we offer.


     As a lifelong athlete reaching as high as the professional level, Joe has a wealth of knowledge in both strength and the physical movements required to produce power at any level of fitness intensity. Joe is currently expanding his education by working on a masters degree in sports psychology to enhance fitness levels through greater understandings of the total body nuerological functionality connections.


     Area of practice - Male and Female Student Athletes ages 10 - 25(Speed, Agility, Endurance, Strength, Balance, Power, Flexibility and Cognitive Physical Stimuli Programming Enhancement), Women ages 16 - 50(General Fitness Improvement, Athletic Functionality, Self - Defense, and High Intensity Specific Programming) , Men and Women from ages 50 - 65 looking for a functional movement program designed to increase their own quality of life. Specific male security officials, bodyguards or police officers.

All About Jessica

     Jessica is a product of a sports family – the daughter of Joe and Joy, Jessica has literally grown up in the fitness industry. She has been in a gym more days of her life than not. Jessica has extensive knowledge in how fitness program design is important. As a ZUMBA instructor she specializes in adding elements of fun and entertainment into her personal clients training sessions too. Jessica works with young athletes, or females that are trying to understand their own body changes. Jessica also teaches Tai – Chi, Yoga, Qi – Gong, and plyometric training in her programming. Jessica is very knowledgeable in weight training for the younger female body needs. Jessica is a group class instructor, and specializes in personal training for female clients age 10 – 18. 

     To Enhance your mobility, strength, or quality of life you must increase your fitness practice and live a healthy lifestyle. We are glad to see you have taken steps to travel down this path. We will provide you with the tools to succeed. Just show up!


     Athletes and persons that want to be the best they can become physically - You must realize that your competition is working out hard today, the only way you are going to win is if you work out HARDER THAN THEY DO!


     Women - Fighting is sometimes an essential element for your survival, do you really know how? We walk you through a realistic style built specifically for your body, mind, and spirit.


     Alas, if you choose to look good and want others to appreciate your hard work in the gym too, we ask only this.............



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